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center for contemporary arts (ncca) moscow
german-russian forum berlin
architekturbuero deutschland

The discourse of architectural positions is the main aim of the intercultural workshop for young architects in Moscow. This concourse of Russian and German architectural teams will be the first manifestation of the archXchange project. This part of the project is organized in cooperation with the Center for Contemporary Architecture CSA and its director Irina Korobina.

A cultural forum for moscow, joining visual and performing arts, will be the main topic of the workshop. The intended broad interdisciplinary and experimental orientation of the forum will be reflected in the emerging projects. This designs provide a basis for the public discussion of its upcoming content and form. They offer the chance for an intercultural discussion on the approach to architecture.

center for contemporary architecture (csa)

workshop info flyer (pdf)

workshop poster (pdf)

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workshop impressions

center for modern dance (tseh)
supported by:


ford foundation
14.-19. august 2005
19. august 2005 - 7pm
19.-25.august 2005
workshop event - vernisage and public discussion of the workshop results
exhibition of the workshop results
sponsored by:
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workshop and exhibition place

design center artplay
ylizy timura frunze 11/ building 34/ metro park kultury/ moscow

exhibition opening event

head of workshop

Irina Korobina, director of csa
sergei desayatov, head of artplay


jan stoermer - hamburg

architekturbuero deutschland

james mac adam - moscow / london


varvara chichkina, csa
elena typoseva, tseh

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architectural results of the workshop

magma architecture leonovich-tokarev-sapojnikov-Kockurkin-Dubinnikov Philipp Pischik team05 Soukhova-Jagow blauraum


blauraum - Hamburg
magma-architecture - Berlin
team05 - Berlin

Arseni Leonovich
cv (pdf)
Natalia Soukhova - Moscow
cv (pdf)
Nikita Tokarev
cv (pdf)
Philipp Pischik
cv (pdf)
Terra - Moscow
cv (pdf)
Hans von Jagow
Michel Sapojnikov
Fedor Dubinnikov

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workshop project

danilovskaya manufacture
varshavskoe shosse 9/ building 1/ metro tulskaya / moscow

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