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The arch(X)change Symposium explores the meaning of architecture for cultural identity, focusing on the mega construction sites Moscow and Berlin.

Urban planners, artists, architects, and architectural experts will present their perspectives on the subject at the symposium on March 11 and 12,2006. Various tendencies in current urban development in Berlin and Moscow will be introduced and discussed by highly reputated speakers.
The symposiums language will be mainly german, in some parts english. Abstracts of the lectures will be provided for non-german speakers.
The symposium will be accompanied by an exhibition of the archXchanges workshop results.

center for contemporary architecture (csa)

Werner Sewing, Architectural sociologist ( Berlin )
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abd -  architects, Boris Levyant ( Moscow )
Eugene Asse, Architectural critic ( Moscow )
Ivan Czeczot, Art Historian ( St. Petersburg )
Bart Goldhoorn, Architectural journalist ( Amsterdam and Moskau)
Werner Sewing, Architectural sociologist (Berlin)
Vladislav and Luidmilia Kirpichev , edas - Design Kommunalka ( Moscow )
James McAdam, Architect ( London and Moscow )
Lisa Schmitz, Artist ( Berlin )
Jan Störmer, Architect ( Hamburg )
Sergei Tchoban, Architect ( Berlin )
center for modern dance (tseh)
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ford foundation
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Friday 11.03.2006
19:00 Opening of the exhibition „archXchange – Part 1: Art_Space Moscow“
Saturday 11.03.2006
14:00 Introduction team05
Kriestin Ring, Director DAZ
14:30-17:00 Session 1
Current situation and strategies of urban design and architecture in Moscow and Berlin
Overview and discussion of contemporary and significant projects in Moscow and Berlin. Into which direction did the design- and building processes develop in the last 15 years? Did unternational competitions and international exchange play any role?
lecturers Sergei Tchoban
Jan Störmer
Bart Goldhoorn
17:30-19:30 Session 2
Cultural Identity through Architecture
Architecture sets a course in the urban space. How does Moscow and Berlins people deal with historic references and the recent past? Is there a role for architecture in the media? How is architecture introduced in the national and international perception?
lecturers Vladislav and Luidmilia Kirpichev
Eugene Asse
James McAdam
Sunday 12.03.2006
14:30-16:00 Session 3
Berlin + Moscow - Perception and role of Architecture in the public realm

Society forms architecture - but does architecture form society? How is this interplay altered by political, corporate and global economic developments? How is the urban space transfered by these forces?

lecturers Ivan Czeczot
Lisa Schmitz
Boris Levyant
Werner Sewing
marion doenhoff stiftung
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Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ
Köpenicker Straße 48/49
Courtyard II, Ground Floor
10179 Berlin, Germany

U-Bhf. Heinrich-Heine-Straße (U8)
S-Bhf. Jannowitzbrücke (S3, S5, S7, S9)  
International train Station: Ostbahnhof

BVG Bus lines 147 to Schillingbrücke, Line 240 to
Heinrich-Heine-Straße, Line 265 to Adalbertstraße

Refreshments and Catering will be provided during the symposium. Beyond this the Cafe at the DAZ has an exclusive set of dishes and beverage.

Opening Times: Mo.-Fr. 9-18:00
T: +49 30. 28099556

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