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Moscow and Berlin as cities can still be seen as the main building sites in Europe. Both capitals are dominated by a continuous transformation process of an urban scale. Similarities as well as differences demand an exchange. The Russian architectural scene opens up and is looking for communication whereas German architects notice new dynamics in the East with growing interest. Export currently is one of the most relevant topics in the field of architecture.

The interaction between East and West is the generator of archXchange. Do similar questions raise different answers? How do identity and experience influence architectural processes? We are going to discuss ideas and approaches on a theortical as well as a concrete level. Moscow and Berlin as partner cities face each other in direct comparison.

The aim of archXchange is to establish a dynamic and creative exchange between young architects from both countries.

center for contemporary architecture (csa)
detailed description of the idea - german language (pdf)

On 23. June 2005 the Hauptstadtkulturfonds decided to fund the German-Russian Exchange programm Arch(X)change , initiated by the young architectural Team 05 (Berlin) . Further supporters are the Stifterverband der Deutschen Wissenschaft, the Institut fuer Auslandsbeziehungen ifa and the Marion Doenhoff Foundation.
The symposium will be accompanied by an exhibition of the archXchanges workshop results.

center for modern dance (tseh)
photos by: | ute langkafel
The project was established in cooperation with the German Architetcural Center DAZ and the Center for Contemporary Architecture Moscow CSA. The cultural value of architecture in the international context is the main issue of the programm. Thus the symposium is another step towards the establishment of an international network dealing with cultural factors in the realm of architecture, the main focus of team05s work. Team 05 has initiated this project and takes the lead in the symposiums organisation.
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